November 12 Emergency Preparedness Committee Agenda

Emergency Preparedness Committee: 11/12/20

The meeting will be virtual through Zoom

Old Business

Preparedness Survey:
Dissemination of summary. Let’s get that information out there.

Emergency Reference Guide:
Progress so far.

FEMA Pamphlets:

Pamphlets are here. See Attached. Open them with 7s or I believe any zip program.

Subcommittee to use guidance from the American Red Cross information and make a checklist of what pieces are missing and if we can mitigate them.

Emergency Preparedness Resource Person:
It was suggested that there is a need to begin confirming the various regional EPRPs.

Each committee member recruit one more.

Progress so far.

When to start training?

Who will do the training and who will develop the curriculum?


FEMA IS course 100



Organizational chart

Who would be the best fit at the various positions, concentrating on Board members and town employees?

How do we recruit them?

Train them?


Future Tabletop Exercise


New Business?