November 4 Planning Commission Minutes

Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Wednesday Nov. 4, 2020
6:00 pm – Town of Bell Community Center

Present: Jackie Eid, Alan Hahn, Nancy Moye, Greg Weiss, Gordy Anderson, Dave Tillmans, Roger Lindgren, Mark Ehlers

Meeting called to order 6:04 by Jackie

1. Review/Approve previous meeting minutes
Gordy made motion, Dave 2nds, all approved.
2. Correspondence/Updates
Electric speed sign – Not enough money in the budget right now. Grants had been research but was not supported by Bayfield County Sheriffs Dept, which would be one of the requirements.
3. Main Street Plan
Roger mentioned that some Northland College students in Sustainable Community Development program may be interested in helping with the project. Greg will reach out to the program faculty. (Maybe the art department as well?)
4. Volunteers for Ad Hoc subcommittees
– Lost Creek Rd expansion
– Blueberry Lane DNR parking
– Town beach access – Transient vendor ordinance; question raised last meeting what if the vendor is a ‘resident’ but is not acting appropriately. Example: Washburn and how did they deal with the outfitter this summer?
– Siskiwit Lake access
Planning Commission will bring subcommittee idea to board meeting and ask for volunteers. Discussion to also Involve Parks & Lands committee. Dave, Mark, Nancy and Greg were interested in helping out.
5. Set next PC meeting Wednesday December 2nd 6pm.
6. Motion to Adjourn by Dave, Gordy 2nds. All in favor.