Parks and Lands July 2022 Minutes

Town of Bell Parks and Lands Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday, July 8, 2022 9:30 A.M.
Location: Community Center

Members Present: Supervisor Gordon Anderson, Chair Doug Becker, Gina Emily, Judy Becker, Greg Weiss

Community: Judy Kerr

Old Business:

  1. Motion was made by Gordon to approve the June minutes; seconded by Gina; passed.
  2. New Member-at-Large (position 1) – Greg Weiss accepted position.
  3. Budget review – Gordon has not received an update on the Committee’s budget.
  4. Campground
    1. Use update – Judy Kerr reported approximately $500 in campground revenue. The new fee schedule does not appear to have had any adverse effects on revenue so far. Committee reminded Judy K that she does not have to be “The Enforcer”.
    2. Vault toilet update – Doug is still waiting to hear back from the County on his grant application for $5000. Could the Committee request a waiver by the County to allow us to install a single stall (plus urinal) structure and a PortaPotty to cover campground needs with only 8 sites for the 3 months of use?
    3. Water craft launching at campground’s beach update – Greg and Doug will meet this month to discuss a “slide” along the steps to abate further erosion.
  5. Siskiwit Lake Boat Launch
    1. Parking & Signs update – Gina reported the sign was installed.
    2. Donation box collections report – Gina collected $16 so far. She and Gordon will place a flag by the box to draw attention to it.
    3. DoggiePot installed by Doug.
  6. Maintenance
    1. Beach donation boxes – postponed until Spring of 2023.
    2. Other:
      1. Doug and Gordon will install a sheet of plexiglass behind the beach restroom hand dryers to ease in cleaning the wall.
      2. Gordon will talk to Allan Hahn about improving recycling containers in heavy use areas.
  • Missing Life Ring on Causeway has been replaced.
  1. Other
    1. Allan fixed the tire swings.
    2. Step was repaired on the Community Center playground
    3. Sidewalk area next to parking lot has become uneven. Gordon and Doug will look into repair options.

New Business:

  1. Chuck Perry Bench – Committee approved the submitted bench design but the specific location by the Swenson Pavilion needs to be determined.
  2. Ray Kiewit Memorial Tree – Committee determined that an area next to the parking lot would be the best location. Gina will contact Joan Kiewit to determine type of tree.
  3. Community Center Parking
    1. Judy K reported several trailered large boats parked on the Community Center’s lot over Memorial weekend, using up much space.
    2. Much discussion about inadequate lighting in parking lot. Doug will research installing a motion sensor flood light.
  4. Other – Greg’s proposed September kayak event will most likely be moved to a different community with waterfront camping facilities.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:34 am by Gordon; seconded by Gina; passed.

Next meeting, if needed, is August 5, 2022 at 9:15 am at the Community Center.

Submitted by Judy Becker, Secretary, on July 9, 2022.