Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes 10/1

Town of Bell Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2021   10 am @ Siskiwit Lake Campground

Committee Members Present: Doug Becker, Gordon Anderson, Judy Becker, Judy Kerr, Allan Hahn

Siskiwit Lake Community Members: Ray Jones, Janette Jones, Tim Goodsell, Judy Schilthelm, Jeff Byerhof, Don Frey, June Frey

Campground Hosts: Ed and Cindy Butterfield

Absent: Andrew Sauter Sargent, Gina Emily

D. Becker called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.

No additions or corrections to the minutes.

Agenda Discussion

1. Campground Day Use

a. Public Comment period – much discussion about the original intent of the campground land donation by the Ehlers Family, campground history, documentation, community concerns about environmental impact to the lake, noise, fire danger, watercraft lake use, spread of disease and day use by non-campers. Other discussion expressed praise of campground hosts and the lack of neighborhood  problems by campers.

b. Further multi-use research is being conducted for presentation at the November meeting.

c. J. Kerr reported that Site 1 has been converted to day use only.

d. Notice of the prohibition of watercraft from the campground beach was posted; a permanent sign should be posted to prevent further hillside erosion.

2. Community Center Pavilion

a. A. Hahn spoke for Mark Ehlers and the Cornucopia Club about the proposal to erect a picnic pavilion on the Community Center grounds. Committee will review plans and drawings once submitted.

3. Commercial Vendor Ordinance

a. A. Hahn explained the need to expand/modify the Transient Vendor Ordinance to include local commercial vendor use of Town Land. A draft of the Ordinance will be presented at a future meeting for discussion.

4. Budget Requests by Committee for 2022 Town budget

a. Kerr presented requests for the Community Center, Beach Restrooms, Commercial dishwasher, additional tables, electrical upgrades, parking lot improvements, intercom upgrade, replace office equipment, beach restroom and grounds repairs

b. Campground vault toilet $10,000 proposed to be added to the 2022 Town budget with up to $20,000 to be financed if needed.

c. Install parking lot lighting


5. Siskiwit Lake Boat Launch

a. No report; tabled to a future meeting.

6. Posts and rope

a. Will be installed within the next few weeks.

7. Other

a. Dog signs have been installed.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:13 am, followed by a tour of the campground.