Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes 9/1/2023

Friday, September 1, 2023 9:30 am @ Cornucopia Community Center

Town of Bell Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes

Committee members present: Doug Becker, Gina Emily, Richard Dunn, Gordon Anderson

Absent: Greg Weiss

Others present: Judy Kerr, Judy Becker, Yvette Fleming, Steve Rudd

Chair Doug Becker called the meeting to order at 9:33 am.

Old Business:

  1. Previous minutes approval: motion was made by G. Anderson; seconded by G. Emily to approve the August minutes. Passed.
  2. Budget review: no update.
  3. Spring Maintenance Update:
    1. Superior Ave. beach port-a-potty will be repaired after the season slows down. Amount of damage will determine if it needs to be replaced.
  4. Beach Bathroom Maintenance:
    1. Breaking men’s room hand dryer will be repaired by D. Becker
    2. Floor needs to be power washed, dried & painted at the end of the season. D. Becker will investigate best paint.
  5. Campground Update:
    1. A replacement DoggiePot was ordered by J. Kerr. John Higney will install, plus repair Site 4 sign.
    2. Kerr reported August income of $1450. PortaPotty cleanout increased to $100/unit.
    3. Thank you to G. Emily, G. Anderson, D. Becker, Allyn Starr, Terry Miller, Yvette Fleming for scraping & painting the tables.
  6. Siskiwit Lake Boat Launch – $28 collected.
  7. DPW Projects Update – no report.
  8. ADA Assessment update: handicap van access sign is installed for the CC parking lot.
  9. Boats Don’t Float Preservation Zoning – P. Ehlers: no report
  10. Picnic Table Purchase – request to purchase 2 replacement tables for the Swenson Pavilion has been submitted to the Town Board September meeting agenda.
  11. Sidewalk Inspection Behind CC – no action needed.
  12. Outdoor Exercise County Grant: Y. Fleming presented information
    1. 50/50 grant with an application minimum of $1000.
    2. Examples of eligible ideas are available on the Bayfield County website.
      1. Ideas for community: tennis/pickleball and basketball courts need repaving; life rings added to the beach front; returnable life jacket station for Siskiwit Lake boat launch.
    3. Town Board will be asked for help to find a chairperson to organize a subcommittee to pursue grant. G. Emily, Y. Fleming, S. Rudd would be on committee.

New Business:

  1. Commercial Kayak Vendor Fee @ Campground: no report.
  2. Kiewit Memorial Tree: Joan Kiewit’s payment was submitted to the Town Clerk; D. Becker read the Thank You card.
  3. DoggiePot @ CC: will be installed.
  4. Campground Future Ideas:
    1. Replace deteriorating Town-owned PortaPotties with rentals. D. Becker will investigate.
    2. Becker will contact the 2022 hosts about returning in 2024. G. Emily has another family that might be interested.
  5. 2024 Budget requests/ideas – on-going:
    1. 2 more new picnic tables
  6. Other:
    1. Dunn will install back flow preventers on garden hoses attached to CC.

Motion was made to adjourn by R. Dunn, seconded by G. Anderson. Passed at 10:27 am.

Next meeting: Friday, October 6, 2023 at 9:30 am at the Community Center.

Submitted by Secretary Judy Becker

September 4, 2023