Parks and Lands Minutes 7-7-21

Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2021 6 pm @ Community Learning Center Room

Present:  A. Sauter Sargent, G. Anderson, J. Kerr, D. Becker, J. Becker, G. Emily

  1. Becker called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved with no corrections or additions.

Agenda Discussion:

  1. Siskiwit Lake Boat Launch & Parking
    1. Emily reported that the history and maps of the community and lake are in-progress; she will present at the next meeting.
    2. Kerr has a Donation Box for the launch site; it needs a pressure treated post to be installed.
    3. Becker will contact Roger Lindgren about having the launch site re-graveled and designated parking signs posted.
  1. Superior Avenue Beach Posts and Rope
    1. Rope is ready to be installed once the Town Crew places the posts.
  1. Composting versus Vault Toilets at the Campground
    1. Weiss reported via email that maintenance of composting toilets might be an issue for campground maintenance personnel.
    2. Committee resumed discussion about building a vault toilet building: G. Anderson will seek a quote for pouring the slab. Tank can be purchased at L & M Fleet Store. D. Becker & G. Anderson will continue to research building costs. Funds will be requested at the next Town Budget hearing for installation in 2022.
    3. Research DNR funding for the construction as it will be handicap accessible? J. Kerr suggested also asking the Cornucopia Club for funds.
  1. Campground update
    1. New lawn mower for the Campground is being used for maintenance by the Campground Hosts.
  1. Playground equipment storage box
    1. Anderson will check with Marina Staff if extra dock boxes are available.
  2. Community Center back road repair status
    1. Repaired by Town Crew; thank you!
  1. Community Center painting of parking lot lines
    1. Kerr has requested the Town Crew to paint lines.
  1. Marina toilets (by the Green Shed Museum)
    1. Due to heavy usage, J. Kerr will research costs to replace toilets with low flow, auto flush variety and request funding from the Town for installation next year.
  1. Community Center land
    1. Much discussion about who maintains the Community Center land. Also discussed was overnight parking in the back and public use of the back area. G. Anderson reported that the Planning Commission is working on these last two issues.
  1. Other
    1. Sauter Sargent requested treatment of tansy at the beach areas by M. Sinclair(e) for about $200. Approved.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Monday, August 2, 2021 @ 4 pm  @ Cornucopia Community Center

Submitted by J. Becker      07-07-21