Parks and Lands Minutes

Town of Bell Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2022       9:30 am       Cornucopia Community Center

Committee Members Present: Doug Becker, Judy Becker, Gordon Anderson, Gina Emily

Others Present: Judy Kerr

Committee Chair Doug Becker called the meeting to order at 9:38 am.

Old Business:

  1. Gordon Anderson made a motion to approve the May minutes; seconded by Gina Emily. Passed.
  2. Nominations for Member-at-large (position 1)
    1. Judy Becker will contact the Town of Bell Chair to request that nominations for this open position be added to the June meeting agenda. The P & L Committee received acceptance by Greg Weiss as the Committee’s nomination. (Judy emailed TOB Chair after the meeting.)
  3. Budget Review – current information not available. Gordon will keep inquiring.
  4. September Kayaking Event Vendors
    1. Committee discussed that since this is an approved Town “Event” Like Cornucopia Days, and since the event sponsors will be paying an event fee to the TOB, the Committee recommends that Vendors not be required to pay further fees, this one time. To be reviewed after the event.
  5. Memorial Trail
    1. No update; Allan Hahn walked the potential trail area with the Harry Kellogg family.
  6. Campground
    1. Map
      1. Judy B. and Gordon created a campground map. Judy Kerr posted it.
    2. Site changes
      1. Judy K. reported that an RV was using a “tent camping only” site. She will post a sign at Sites 4 & 5 indicating “tents only”.
    3. Fee envelopes – new envelopes ordered; about $280.00 has been collected so far. Fee structure will be reviewed after the campground closes this fall.
    4. Vault toilet grant update –
      1. Gordon presented a vault toilet design by Superior Walls in Michigan. He was authorized by the Committee to request a quote before June 23 (when Doug must finish submitting the grant request to Bayfield County).
    5. Watercraft launching – Greg Weiss will install a “launch platform” by the beach stairs.
    6. Host status
      1. Judy K. was unable to convince last year’s hosts to return; Gina offered to also contact them. The Committee is grateful to the Hosts who performed many of the campground maintenance services the past 2 years.
    7. Siskiwit Lake Boat Launch
      1. Doug received approval by the property owners on the west side of the parking lot for the installation of “No Parking This Side” signs; he will ask DPW to order 2 signs.
      2. Doug and John Higney installed the launch donation box and post; Judy K. posted a sign. Gina and John will collect and deposit donations.
      3. Judy K. ordered a Doggie Pot for animal waste at launch area; Doug will install.
    8. Town Parks and Lands Maintenance
      1. Gordon inspected playground equipment. Both tire swings need replacing. Allan Hahn and Gordon will install. A step was also broken on a platform. (Doug checked and it was repaired already).
      2. Gordon reported the status of the broken door springs on the Lake Superior PortaPotty. He and Doug will try to repair it, otherwise a new one may need to be ordered.

New Business:

  1. Doug received a request that the Committee look into the possibility of installing day use donation boxes at the beach front to help defray its maintenance costs.
  2. Doug will update the TOB Board at the June meeting of P & L activities.

Next meeting will be on Friday, July 8, 2022 at 9:30 am at the Community Center.

Gina made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Gordon Anderson. Passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:43 am.

Submitted by Secretary, Judy Becker, on June 3, 2022.