Planning Commission Meeting – Aug. 8, 2022 – Minutes

August 8, 2022 Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order by Mark Ehlers as Pro Tempore Chair at 4:16 PM

Other PC members present were David Tillman, Nancy Moye, and members of the community,

Town of Bell Chairman, Roger Lindgren, and Phil Moye. Also in attendance were Tia Dallman and Mike Wachsmuth to present their Class A Conditional Use Permit request.


Previous minutes were reviewed and approved by motion by Mark Ehlers and seconded by Nancy Moye.

It was shared by Chairman Lindgren in the agenda and notes sent prior to meeting that 4 letters were received from residents on Mountain Ash Road expressing their concerns about the rapid increase in Short Term Rentals in their neighborhoods. Letters are on file and information shared with the letter writers about the Wi Statue that permits homeowners to do this with their residences. Phil Moye reported on the work that the STR Committee is doing in the areas of data collection and the starting review of other communities’ ordinances. That group also is working on data that looks at economic benefits to the area from the rentals. Their next meeting is scheduled for August 17th, 2022.  Short discussion followed. No action taken.

There was a discussion about the possible need for an addition/ amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to update it to the current state of the township. This would include identifying a need for regulation of the Short-Term Rentals that have become more prevalent in the township and recognition of the increase in population in the age group of persons over 60 years of age. This is an aberration of the projected census data from 2010 when the population was projected to decrease


A Class A special use permit was brought before the board as an after the fact permit by Tia Dallman and Mike Wachsmuth, who own property on Mountain Ash Road. There plans have changed since they first purchased property here when their goal was to move here eventually over a longer time period. They now both have jobs in the area have sold their previous home and are eager to start building a home here. County P and Z sent them back to local level for approval of this permit as their graded area for home placement is less than 1000 ft from shoreline of Lake Superior. They do not own land on lake side. Several required steps have already been done, with a driveway and culvert in place with a fire call (address) number posted. The permit was granted unanimously to go before the Board of Supervisors on Aug. 9th, 2022.

Some information was received from Paul Tribovich, Town Chair of Town of Russell, related to a request to make a text amendment to the Bayfield County Zoning Ordinance. More clarification is needed, and no action taken.




Next meeting was set for September 12th at 4:00 PM


Mtg adjourned by Mark Ehlers at 5:28 PM


Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Moye