Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – Sept. 8, 2021

Planning Commission – Minutes of September 8, 2021 Meeting


We convened on Superior Avenue at 4:00 PM  Gordon Anderson, Mark Ehlers, Dave Tillmans, Allen Hahn, Phyllis Peri, Nancy Moye, Roger Lindgren.

We walked the street from STH13 to County C.  Made observations about accessibility, concluded sidewalk should stay on west side of  as well as the STH13 crosswalk.

All are to record their observations regarding accessibility, sidewalks, parking, etc. meeting

We concluded this portion at 4:40

Meeting at CC called to order at 5:35. Gordon and Mark were present at CC. Greg was present on zoom.   Allen and Roger were at CC and Phyllis Peri and Nancy Moye were present on Zoom.

Nancy commented that the minutes of last meeting were complete. Mark made a motion to approve seconded by Gordon.  No further discussion All 3 Commissioners voted to approve the minutes.

We reviewed the County Planning and Zoning’s August 26th letter regarding Ordinance Amendment and were not clear about the full intention and consequences.  For example, if bottling plant is removed does that mean no brewery would be allowed. R Lindgren offered to email R Schierman for clarification.   This was done post meeting and the correspondence and further info is attached to these minutes.

Members and Attendees will record their observations from the 4:00 meeting and present for review at the next meeting.  We will have a general review of the sidewalk ordinance at that meeting.   Additionally it was suggested to relocate – place a new – message board from Ehler’s store to the C-store.  Two reasons – better accessibility in winter and C Store is open all year.

Allen presented his progress on Commercial use of Town Land and proposes to model it after the Transient Vendor Ordinance.   There was agreement to this approach so Allen will continue his work accordingly.


Mark Ehlers proposed that the Cornucopia Club get permission to build a 30 x40 Pavilion – similar to the Swenson Pavilion – at the west side of the Community Center just north of the playground.  Gordon made a motion that the Planning Commission request the Town Board approve the Cornucopia Club’s request subject to approval of the plans.  Mark seconded the motion.  There was no further discussion.  Gordon and Mark voted yes, and Greg abstained. Motion passed.



For details refer to:




You will note in Section 13  there is a detailed list of activities listed.  Breweries is a permitted use.

You will note Section 15 refers Sanitation and Private Sewage.


From: tobchair <>
Sent: Thursday, September 9, 2021 7:48 AM
To: Robert Schierman <>
Subject: Ordinance Amendment

Rob,   we have reviewed your August 26 letter and have the following question.   Is section 15-1-22  -referring to Sanitary and Private Sewage code – being eliminated because it’s redundant with section 15-1-21j? or because appeals should be addressed to the Board of Adjustment?

Thank you for any insight.


Rob Schierman to TOB Chair – Thursday September 9, 2021 at 8:22AM

It is being struck from the ordinance because the Zoning Committee doesn’t have the authority to grant relief from the State’s Plumbing Code.

The State’s Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) hears appeals to plumbing code.

Notice: New Bayfield County email address listed below is effective January 26th, 2021.

Robert Schierman, Director