Planning Commission Meeting – Oct. 10, 2022 – Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting Oct. 10th


Call to order at 4:03

Those attendance Jackie Eid, MarkEhlers, Jody Hipsher, Nancy Moye members of committee.

Public persons all of whom were STR committee. John Anderson, Phil Moye, Eli Umpierre,

Erin Hutchinson, Kathleen Russell, Jayne Norton.

Minutes approved  motion by Mark Ehlers second Nancy Moye

Skip Coresspondence


Rengel  Class A approved on motion by Nancy  Moye and seconded by Mark Ehlers to accept the permit as presented to clear trees and develop a driveway.


STR Committee report.

There to provide update on committee progress.

Sharing sources and methods since meeting since June 2nd

J           Used Ordinances from other communities in making plans/ developing an ordinance or     not based on future decision by PC which will make recommendations to board.

Data Points      Septic data

Ordinances legal background and boundaries reviewed prohibits banning by local government

Three allowed /restrict less than seven days are prohibited  (outlier is Bayfield)

Allows limits on number of days per year can be as few as 180 day and can designate consecutive

Development of licensing system but not specific

See how well others are working who is in charge of executing these ordinances.


Sample include neighbors and other areas recognized as tourist areas. Timeline definition and common components. Are they land use or health issue Are things like insurance required.

A spread sheet is available with these details. Also look at common components.

Licensing is universal also rm tax in many of them to generate revenue. Most annual.


STR Data for income revenue generated by Erin see hand out with data Confusion over the status of some of the categories of rental units. Lots of questions related to potential benefits from Room tax if imposed.


Septic Data: Phil lists of pumping data from Carmody on line. Shows data for each STR that is on holding tank. Demonstrates that once STR Status is established and Rentals ensue the frequency of pumping  and increase in volume overall..


John review of desire to create transparency and input from the players in the game owners, guests, and community members. Surveys developed for online see hand out for connection.

Similar questions across the three groups. Listening sessions offered.

Get the information up on TOB web site so survey results can be widely distributed. Available on paper as well.

ATV/  UTV. County considering opening all County highways to use by these vehicles.

Segments might be approved or other Recreational Officer  and Bob Anderson want  recommendation.

Segments, trial basis, minimum speed limits, opt out?

Noise not indicative of speed.


ATV/UTV speed limits, discussion and recommendation tabled till November.


November meeting: Nov.7, 2022 4:00 p.m. Town of Bell Community Center


Meeting adjourned 6:33 p.m.