Planning Commission Meeting – Sept. 12, 2022 – Minutes

Minutes for Sept. 12, 2022


Mtg called to order by Mark Ehlers as Pro Tempore Chair at 4:04. PC members in addition to Mark Ehlers, were David Tillmans, Jody Hipsher, and Nancy Moye. Other community members in attendance were Roger Lindgren who ran the Zoom portion of meeting and Shaun Presnail,

Kathryn Tietze and Mike Storms on Zoom.


Meeting minutes from Aug 8, 2022, were approved by a motion from David Tillmans and seconded by Jody Hipsher.


Mark Ehlers reviewed correspondence that held over f from previous meeting after he met with Paul Tribovich, Town Chair of Russell. Russell was seeking an amendment to Bayfield County Zoning Ordinance for an overlay district to protect some portions of land in that Township from further development. This was more restrictive language than was in the County Ordinance.  Seems it has been adopted after the fact by the county at this point.

Another piece of communication was about the Municipal Home Rule in Wisconsin. This is legislation that provided certain powers to towns such as Town of Bell in governing their own affairs back as far as 1921 but has been amended several times and now has mostly eroded much of the original intent. It is important that we become familiar with this as Planning Commission members.


The Short-Term Rental Committee lead person, Phil Moye updated the committee on the Committee’s progress and shared meeting minutes.  Multiple ordinances from other communities are being reviewed. Surveying is being developed to gain input from STR owners, guests and community members use in decision making. Moye also asked that the committee be placed on the PC agenda for Oct. Mark Ehlers was supportive of this and asked that the committee report not only on options but maybe include some recommendations when they are ready to do this. Additional discussion occurred including Mike Storms sharing about the use of noise monitors in STR to help manage possible infractions in that area of the STR experience for the neighborhoods where they are located.  Neighbors are starting to express their concerns about less than desirable behaviors exhibited by some STR renters.  Enforcement issues will be important. Will plan on the Committee being on Oct. Agenda.


The date for the next PC Meeting will be Monday Oct. 10th, 2022 @ 4:00 PM


Adorned by Mark Ehlers at 4:58


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Moye