# OR-87-l

WHEREAS, effective January 1, 1987, pursuant to 1983 Wis. Act 532, Sec. 60.22(4), the Town Board shall determine the
jurisdiction and duties of the town constable, and

WHEREAS, it is in the public interest and welfare to establish the jurisdiction and duties of the constable of the TOWN of BELL as provided herein,

NOW THEREFORE, the Town Board of Supervisors of the TOWN of BELL, COUNTY of BAYFIELD does ordain as follows:


Pursuant to Sec. 60.22(4) and Sec. 60.35 of the Wisconsin Act
532, the Town Board of Supervisors of the TOWN of BELL, County of BAYFIELD, hereby establishes the jurisdiction and duties of the town constable of the TOWN of BELL, County of BAYFIELD as described herein.

The town constable of the town of Bell, county of Bayfield shall: (l) Keep and preserve the peace within the Town of Bell and shall
have full peace powers to arrest and apprehend any person for felony or
breach of peace pursuant to Sec. 59.24 of Wisconsin statues and for the purpose of carrying out such duties, shall be considered a peace officer I
as defined in Sec. 039.22(22) of Wisconsin Statues. (This alternative retains full peace powers).

(2) Suppress unlawful assemblies within the Town of Bell pursuant to Sec. 947;06 of Wisconsin statues. (This alternative also retains peace powers).

(3) Direct and regulate traffic and make arrests for violations
of traffic crimes and regulations of Chapters 194 and 341 to349 of
Wisconsin statues, and for the purpose of carrying out such duties shall be
considered a traffic officer as defined in Sec. 340.01(70) of Wisconsin statues.

(4) Serve within his Town, any writ, process, order or notice, and execute any order, warrant or execute any order, or execution lawfully directed to or required to be executed by him by any court or officer.

(5)Attend upon sessions of the Circuit Court in his county when required by the Sheriff.


(6)Inform the District Attorney of all trespasses on public lands on which he has knowledge or information.

(7)Impound cattle, horses, sheep, swine and other animals at
large on the Towns highways in violation of any duly published order or ordinance adopted by the Town Board.

(8) Cause to be prosecuted all violations of law of which he has knowledge or information.

(9) Perform all duties required by law.

(10) Cause to be enforced and prosecuted all violations of the following named Town Ordinances of which he has knowledge or
(a) Dog Leash Ordinance

(b) Snowmobile Ordinance

(c) No overnight parking or camping at Marina.

(d) No overnight camping at wayside.

(e) Ordinance #OR-87-2; Restriction of hours for use of
Town Parks.

( I )
( j )

(use rider)

(11)Act on behalf of the Town Board as directed to:

(a) See that Town orders and ordinances are obeyed.
(b) See that peace and order are maintained in the Town. (c) Obtain necessary assistance, if available, in case of
emergency, except as provided under Chapter 166 of Wisconsin statues for emergency government.



A. Other Ordinances,

Adoption of this ordinance does not preclude the Town Board from adopting any other ordinance or providing for the enforcement of any other law or ordinance relating to the same or other matter.

B. Other Remedies:

The jurisdiction and duties of the Town Constable as stated herein shall not preclude the Town Board or any other town officer from proceeding under any ordinance or law or by any other
enforcement method to enforce any ordinance, regulation or order.


If any provision of this ordinance is invalid or unconstitutional, or if any application of this ordinance to any person or circumstances is invalid or unconstitutional, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not effect the provisions or applications of this ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid or constitutional pro­vision or application.


This ordinance shall take effect as of January 1, 1987.

The foregoing ordinance was adopted at a Annual meeting of the
TOWN OF BELL on the day of ,1987.

Filed this day of , ________1987

in the office of the Town Clerk. Town Chairman

Town Clerk


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