The Town Board remembers Robert “Bob” Bagby, who served as Town Chair from 1990 to 2001. Bob served the town with dedication and vision, and was directly responsible for much of the infrastructure that residents and visitors enjoy today, including the construction of the town marina and Recycling Center, the development of the Thunder Bay subdivision on Roman’s Point, the modernization of the two bridges in Cornucopia, improvements to the Town Garage and, and the creation of the town office. Even more than his accomplishments as a developer, he is remembered as a leader who stepped in whenever there was work to be done and inspired others to follow. This led to his serving as Fire Chief for many years, during which time he improved safety and developed an incentive program to ensure that the fire department would continue to have the volunteers necessary to serve the town. The Town of Bell would be much diminished without his influence, and it is with great sadness that we note his passing on October 15.