Town of Bell Board Meeting – Sept. 14, 2021 Agenda


7:00 PM Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Community Center and Available by ZOOM

Persons that attend in person must wear a mask. 

You may join via Zoom with computer/smart phone or telephone contact the town chair –


Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Clerk’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Board Comments


Committee Reports

Public Comment Period

Old Business

  1. BIG, RBF Award, HAP Grant Award – waiting for Feds to review BIG, additional funds awarded to RBF, HAP on hold.
  2. Commercial use of Public Lands – update
  3. Sidewalk Ordinance – purpose- uniform application/enforcement – public comment
  4. Parking at CC and boat launch – defer to October
  5. Status of crosswalk at STH 13 and potentially C and Superior Avenue
  6. Rumble Strips – STH13 – DOT reply attached
  7. Dog Ordinance – order larger sign and post – signs on order
  8. Siskiwit River Preserve – Orchard – public comment
  9. CC rules re COVID variant(s)
  10. Swim Platform at Lake Siskiwit Campground

New Business

  • 2021 Board of Review, Sept. 13th, 9a.m. – 11 a.m.
  • Commercial Leases – Harbor, Halvorson Fisheries Lease 2022
  • Submit/ Develop list of 2022 projects.
  • Set dates to work on the 2022 budget
  • Propane Bids
  • Town Board Roads “Ride Around” – discussion of impressions
  • Request Nominations for Harbor Commissioner
  • Consider Demand Star as a purchasing aid
  • County Planning and Zoning Ordinance Amendment
  • Enforcement of Ordinances – proposed citation attached. Need to develop list of fines.
  • Adopt completed West Sunset Drive as a Town road.
  • Cornucopia Club proposal to build a Picnic Pavilion just north of CC playground.
  • Relocate message board to C Store.
  • CWD Prevention.
  • Set snowplow rates for 2021/2022 season


Pay Bills and Adjourn